Urban Decay Naked Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is, of course, not at all a new product by any means, but on the eve of the launch of the new Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette I thought I would go over my original one, talking about what I like about it, what I dont, and how I use it.

Urban Decay Naked palette

The Naked Palette that I received, being one of the slightly later ones, came with a brush rather than eyeliners, and a mini sized Primer Potion. There are 12 eyeshadows in this palette,

  • Virgin – a pale, shimmered nude beige. It’s very, very light, and is such a beautiful neutral. It makes a great highlighter on the brow bone as I have very pale skin and also works really well as a brightener on the inner tear duct.
  • Sin – a champagne with a touch of pink and a frostier finish. This shade is permanently available. Also great for the inner eye, but too pink as a highlighter on my skin.
  • Naked – a matte medium beige-brown. It has a very soft, smooth texture–not at all powdery or chalky. I use this in the middle under the eye with a smokey brown look.
  • Sidecar – a shimmered, medium bronze brown with almost a red undertone. This shade was in the first edition of the Book of Shadows. This is a lovely colour to use in the middle of the eyelid and I often use it as my under colour as it works as a wonderful base for many of the other colours.
  • Buck – a matte darkened beige-brown. It’s really a darker version of Naked. It has the same silky smooth texture and rich color pay off of Naked, too. I use this to fill in my eyebrows; its the perfect colour for them, and as it’s matte it works brilliantly to give my brows definition without adding shimmer.
  • Half Baked – a coppery bronze with a frost-metallic finish. This shade is permanently available.This works really well over the whole lid and has enough metallic in it to make the colour pay off really good.
  • Smog – a medium dark bronze with a gilded bronze sheen. This shade is permanently available.This is good for the crease or the outer v of the top eyelid.
  • Darkhorse – a darkened deep chocolate brown with flecks of bronze. Amazing for the crease, defines it without being too dark. Great as an eyeliner.
  • Toasted – a medium dark pinky brown with a shimmery finish. This shade is permanently available. This is the most gorgeous colour. I can use this in my inner corner or all over on its own.
  • Hustle – a dark plummy chocolate brown with a soft shimmer finish. This is a colour that goes really well with toasted. I also use this with MAC’s Cranberry to create a wonderful reddish smokey eye effect. Also great as an eyeliner.
  • Creep – a darkened blue-black base with silver and teal shimmer. Urban Decay said “onyx with gold glitter,” the glitter doesn’t really show up on my skin, which I think is a positive thing, as it makes it just a really great basic black, similar to MAC’s carbon. Also great to use as an eyeliner.
  • Gunmetal – a blue-gray metallic that really must be seen to be appreciated. It almost feels like a duochrome, because it flashes blue but it’s dark and smoldering. This shade is permanently available, and amazing for adding a bit of a sci-fi edge to your look.

Urban Decay Naked swatches

The beauty in this palette is its simplicity. It is, as it says, a palette with 12 neutral shades in it, which you can combine in an almost infinite number of ways to create looks of different looks.

The packaging is slimline and can fold over on itself to create a ‘raised tray,’ making it really easy to use. It comes with a mirror and brush meaning that you can really travel with just this palette, something I have found is often very rare. When I have bought palettes before I have often found I need to combine them with other shadows to create looks, but with the Naked Palette you can just pop this in your wash bag and off you go.

It even comes with the primer potion which ensures your make up stays put all day! Case in point last night I went to bed slightly tipsy and forgot to take my makeup off (very bad I know, let the make up gods smite me where i type…) and got up this morning to see my eye make almost completely untouched and completely crease proof. The only thing that meant I couldn’t happily go about the day with the same eye make up on (other than the grossness factor) was my smudged mascara and eyeliner. You only need a teeny tiny amount of the primer potion each time so it lasts forever too.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

This palette is a staple of my everyday makeup as well as my traveling makeup, as it is just so convenient and easy to use. I personally do no have any issues with this palette, although I would have liked the two 24/7 eyeliners it originally came with. The bottle of primer potion, although extremely pretty looking, is also not great, as there is loads of potion left when you think it’s run out as the wand can’t reach it. Don’t believe me? Crack open the case when you think it’s empty and you’ll be amazed! I always open mine up, decant everything into an empty pot and then use my finger to apply from then on.

This palette retails for around £35, which when you consider what you get for your money, I personally feel that it is really good value for money. As it is available from Debenhams here and House of Fraser here, it often possible to get discount codes to get it even cheaper.

Overall I genuinely love this palette, and love playing around with the colours to create different looks, if you are ummming and ahhing about buying this I would recommend you take the plunge, i’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

With such a wonderful palette as it’s predecessor, the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 has a lot to live up to. Only time will tell if it manages to make such an impression as the first has done. Some critics are already saying that it is a bit pointless – after all how many neutral shades does one girl need? (if it’s this girl many many many) And the fact that one shade, Half Baked, has been completely copied (why? why not just put in another colour)… But other people have said that it is generally a much cooler palette, with many more taupe and greige (grey-beige) colours in it. I personally am not too sure about the new packaging, as it worry about it breaking , but other people have seemed to like this.

Bottom line? I will be picking up my own copy when it is released early 2012 in the UK (Jan or Feb depending on who you talk to) and am massively excited about it, just to see if it really does compare to the first.

Last thing I must do is give a shout out to my lovely Mum and Dad who were the ones to buy me my Naked Palette in the first place! x

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