OPI Nice Stems Mini Collection

During one of my many hours browsing the interwebs in the name of research for my blog (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it) I came across OPI’s Nice Stems collection and utterly fell in love with it.


This collection includes four pink toned polishes,

  • Play The Peonies – a very light, almost white pink with a lovely iridescent shimmer to it
  • Come To Poppy  - a reddy coral mid pink
  • Be A Dahl-ia Won’t You? – a hot blue based fuchsia pink with gold shimmer
  • I Lilly Love You –  A pink jelly top coat with rainbow glitter and flakes in it. This obviously not mean to be worn on its own, but rather on top of the other colours in the collection.
Opi Nice Stems Mini Nail Polishes

This is by no means a new collection, it was released Summer ’11, but somehow it passed me by and I have only just discovered it. I managed to get hold of a set of the mini collection, for a bargain price and thought it would clearly be rude not to snap it up!

As I am sure you are all aware, OPI do mini sets of their collections as a way of being able to experience a lot of the collection without spending a fortune. These normally cost around the £11 – £12 mark, and as this one was being sold for £6.75 it was clearly meant to be.

I really love the name of this collection, it has the usual play on words naming that we have all come to expect from OPI.  The nice stems of course refers to the flower theme of this collection, but stems is also a nickname for legs, and makes me want to paint my toes with these colours. I also loved loved the packaging of this, how cute is this little plant pot? This looks so lovely that I havent been able to throw it away… I think it’s going to stay on my dressing table for a while (hey, at least I can’t kill this plant) until my briarrosebeauties destroy it!

OPI Nice Stems Mini Collection

Although this was a summer collection, I think these colours are great for Spring too and will be ones I am certainly wearing for the next few months!

My favourite is the lightest pink, Play with Peonies, it reminds of me of the colours from the new New York Ballet Soft Shades collection that has just been launched, it is lovely and girly, but still classic and subtle enough to wear on an everyday basis.

I also really love Be A Dahl-ia Won’t You, it doesn’t really need much in the way of explanation to tell you why – fuchsia pink with gold shimmer? Enough said really.

Come to Poppy will definitely be a staple for my toes come this summer, it will look amazing with my white stems as well as my slightly more tanned ones, the slight coral in the colour helping to warm everything up.

The thing I like most about Lily I Love you is that the chunks of rainbow glitter are all different shapes and sizes, making more unusual than a lot of glitter top coats out there. I am pretty sure that when my mood and nails need brightening this will be one I will be reaching for again and again.

Overall this is one of the best mini collections I have seen in quite a while, it is unashamedly  girlie and cute and I like that about it, but it also has the colours to back it up – they are all lovely and will be great to take me through spring and summer. The only MAJOR downside of this mini collection is that I now want to go out and buy all the full size polishes as I am pretty sure I will use these up quite quickly. You’ve done it again OPI, well played, well played.

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