Paul & Joe Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

Info about Paul & Joe’s Summer Beauty Collection has just been released, and, as you would expect it all looks absolutely lovely.

Paul & Joe Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

What I love about Paul & Joe is that their products are unashamedly girlie. They are simply very pretty, high quality products that I absolutely love collection after collection. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to top their Spring 2012 Cat Collection, and yet the images for their summer cosmetics have me swooning just as much if not more.

In a world where women are expected to be strong, powerful beings I think there is a bit of a stigma around being ‘girlie’; people see it as almost a weakness to like pretty things. I for one took a long time to accept my love for all things pretty, thinking that people might think the less of me for it… Well I am here, with a little help from Paul & Joe, to tell you that there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to be a bit girly… Your mates all drink beer while you prefer a nice dry white? Good for you! You prefer to prance around in flowery dresses while your friends are never seen out of their jeans? Embrace it!

Right, now we are all feel empowered let’s move on to looking at the actual collection shall we? ;)

This collection is based upon Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (my inner latent English Student rejoices), this means that the collection includes fairies, magic and woodland creatures, not just in the product and in the packaging but in the names too! I am utterly in love and want the whole lot!

Shimmering Press Powder £22.

Paul & Joe Butterfly Summer 2012 Press Powder

Eye colours

  • #001 Under the Stars -anaurora white with creamy stardust effect
  • #002 Love-in-idleness – pale pink
  • #003 Moon Beam – glowing golden white

Paul & Joe Summer 2012 Eye Colours

Face Colours £15

  • #001 Nymph – a pop of pinkto add a bold burst of color
  • #002 Nubile – soft flirtypeach
  • #003 Faune – deep rose

Paul & Joe Summer Face Colours

Lip Glosses

  • #001 Love Potion – the perfect pink with a light strawberry & vanilla flavour
  • #002 Fairie Kisses – bright yellow with a light green apple & vanilla flavour which appears translucent on the lips.
  • #003 Dream a Little Dream – orange sherbet tint with a creamy cool orange & vanilla flavour

Paul Joe Summer 2012 Lip Glosses

Nail Enamels £10.50

  • #028 Fairie Queen – specs of glittering pale pinks, purples and blues
  • #029 Sprite – a watery, whimsical shade of pastel green dotted with pearls of pink
  • #030 Pixie – silver sparkles

Paul & Joe Summer 2012 Nail Enamels

Shimmering Body Lotion £22

Paul & Joe Body Shimmer Summer 2012

The whole collection looks so gorgeous and with names such as Fairie Kisses, Moon Beam  and Nymph I just know that it be snapped up by those romantics out there just like me!

This collection is available from ASOS on the 1st May and then from the 1st June at Harrods and Fenwick.

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  1. This collection looks amazing — I have wanted to try Paul and Joe for a while now…

    Also, this is unrelated, but can you tell me what font your buttons are? I love the balance of ‘flourish’ and neat. Thanks so much!

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