Homemade Children’s shorts from an old T-shirt or Shirt!

Last year I came across the most amazing post on Rookie Moms which teaches you to make shorts for children from an old t-shirt or shirt. This is really really easy method which uses the natural curve of a t shirt to do most of the work! I tried this out on a shirt I had picked up from a charity shop for 50p ages ago, simply because I loved the pattern. When I saw this tutorial I thought GREAT! Something finally I can use shirt for (my PLSH gets antsy if I have too much ‘tat’ lying around).

Homemade boys shorts

It took me about 30 minutes to turn an old shirt into brand new pair of gorgeous shorts for my youngest BRoseBeauty. I am sure this must be either witchcraft or voodoo because I am not by any means great with a sewing machine, I took lessons at school when I was fourteen, but other than that I am self taught and yet 1/2 hour later violà there were a pair of shorts!

Homemade Boys ShortsAll I needed was the shirt, some thread, some elastic the size of my son’s waist and my sewing machine. Easy Peasy. You don’t even need a measuring tape, as you use a pair of your child’s existing shorts for the dimensions.

This really is sewing for dummies. You simply fold your shorts in half, and lay them on one side of the t-shirt, draw round and cut and then flip over the material and draw round and cut the other side of the t-shirt. Then put the bits together, sew round and attach elastic to the top. If you place this at the bottom of the t-shirt you can use the existing hem as the hem for the bottom of your shorts meaning even less sewing!

Homemade boys shortsIn total these cost me about 70p to make, rather than the £10 I see in stores for a pair of shorts. Anyone with small children knows how quickly they go through clothes, I simply can’t afford to be forever buying them new ones, which is why I went looking for a cheap easy way to make some myself.

Homemade boys shorts

(please excuse the creases in this pic, my son sat on them before I got him dressed)

These are not the most well made of any shorts you will see, but they survived a whole summer on my son last year and still fit him to wear for this summer too. Not bad for 70p.

These were such a success that my oldest BRoseBeauty has been clamouring for his own pair ever since! My PLSH is now hiding all his clothes from me as I inspect them for damage so I consign them to my boy’s shorts pile!

To watch the full tutorial on how to make them watch below (this was tutorial I watched to make mine)

A special special thanks to Heather and Whitney from Rookie Moms for posting this wonderful tutorial!

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