The Midas Touch – Gold on gold

Hello to all my beauties on this bright sunny day!

As a nod to the sunshine this weekend I wanted to paint my nails a sunshiney colour, but rather than going for a predictable yellow I went for gold sparkle on gold polish to give a sun beam effect.

I wanted to keep them fairly subtle as I had a lot of mummy things to do over the weekend, so for my first go at gold nails I chose a light gold base and then added a new purchase from saturday over the top, No7 Nail Glitter Top Coat in gold. This has tiny particles of gold glitter and larger gold hexagonal chunks of glitter in a clear polish.

no7 gold base

All the nail polishes I used were No7 from Boots, as I had a couple of their £5 off vouchers that I used on Saturday morning. The gold base is no 360, Hot to Trot. I applied two coats of this and then one coat of the Gold Glitter Top Coat over the top.

The two together gave a lovely golden sparkle to my nails, especially in the sun and made me feel a lot more summery and happy over the weekend.

Last night I needed to change my polish, as after a weekend in paddly-pools, on bouncy castles, BBQing and attending children’s 4th birthday parties, they were looking a little worse for wear.

I had been planning on redoing the same colours as before, but at the last moment decided on a different base colour as an nod to my current rose gold obsession. I thought that if I used a rosy-pink base it might give a more of a rose gold tint to the overall look of the nails. I used one of my go-to shades that I often wear on its own as an everyday colour, a No7 colour called Oyster, no120. As before my nails had two coats of the base, Oyster and one of Glitter.

While I would have preferred it if I had a proper rose gold base to use (I have my eye on Orly’s Rage), I was pleased with this result. I bought this cat ring from River Island on saturday too, after seeing it featured on a haul from Sprinkle of Glitter (Rose gold and in the shape of a cat? I was sold… especially at the price of £3!) and this looks really pretty with these nails.

I do like No7 nail polishes as they have a very smooth texture and can give a very sheer or opaque finish depending on what you wish. They don’t have the best staying power compared to other brands, but they last well enough with a top coat over them, a few days usually. I own quite a few nail polishes from No7 as I tend to buy them whenever I have a £5 off voucher.

Do you like to wear sunshine-inspired nails? What colours do you use? Let me know in the comments below! x

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