Glossy Box 1st Anniversary Edition – May

Glossy Box 1st Anniversary Edition

This month Glossy Box celebrated it’s 1st Birthday – Happy Birthday Glossy Box!

Open Glossy Box

To celebrate their birthday there were a couple of presents for all the Glossy Box receivers this month, as well as the usual supply of beauty products. I really loved how this box was packaged. the wrapping paper was so gorgeous that it has been kept to use with something else… maybe even as a background for taking pictures of products with!

Contents of 1st Anniversary Glossy Box

I personally found the range of products a touch hit and miss this month, some really pleased me and others I generally felt a bit meh towards.

Noble Isle – Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel.
I have to admit I was underwhelmed when I first saw, as I am sure is the case with many of you, I now seem to have a bathroom full to bursting with shower gels to the point where I will not need to buy one for probably a good year. Having said this though as I looked into this company more I became intrigued. Noble Isle is a new British company that have created their luxury bathing range by drawing on the natural and cultural beauties of the British Isles. This seems particularly appropriate at the moment given that ‘Britishness’ of Britain is being celebrated with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the upcoming Olympics. This particular gel, Summer Rising and is meant to evoke the beginnings of summer, with extracts of toning elderflower and antioxidant-charged gooseberry with clean notes of orange blossom, moss and cut grass. This smells absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of the green tea perfume my Mum wears, a scent I love. This will definitely be going to the top of the queue in my shower!

Si Lolita Perfume Sample

Lolita Lempicka –  L’eau en Blanc & Si Lolita: £65 & £63 each for 100ml
Lolita Lempicka is a brand that have noticed in the past, mainly for their beautiful bottles, but have never tried. I was really pleased to see two samples of their perfumes in this box. Both scents are really lovely and fresh, perfect for summer. L’eau en Blanc smells of White Violets, Raspberry and Musk and is very girly. Si Lolita smells of Sweet Pea, Lemon Leaf and Pink Peppercorn, while undertones of Sensual Amber and Woody Iris give it a spicy edge. Of the two I think L’eau en Blanc is my favourite, and one I would consider buying in full size, but I like both and will certainly use these up over the summer.

Welda Face Cream and Body Milk

Weleda – Face Cream/Body Milk: from £10.95
I have tried a few Weleda products in the past and have generally liked them, they normally have a nice scent and are fairly moisturising, so at first glance I was  pleased to see this in my box. After reading the description though I wasn’t so sure; this is marketed as a face cream/body milk, and to be honest I don’t really see the point. I am very careful about what products I put on my face and I try not to mix up my routine very much as my face really doesn’t thank me for it. The fact that this can also be used on the body makes me not want to put in anywhere near my face. This is of course a silly thing to think, because there is no reason why ANY face cream can’t be used on the body. Howsoever I know this won’t go on my face, only my body and so the dual use of it is wasted on me.

Uniqone All in one hair treatment

Unique – All in one hair treatment: £13.99 for 150ml
This is a leave-on mask that claims to offer the 10 main benefits that hair needs; split end prevention;  adds body; incredible detangling; long lasting hairstyle; easier brushing & ironing; hair colour protection; silkiness & smoothness; heat protection; shine & frizz control and dry & damaged hair repair. I have only tried this once, so can’t really say one way or the other about this yet, however I have to say that the smell of this doesn’t really appeal to me very much. I find it a touch cloying, which makes me sad because I love the smell of my conditioner!

Let's Go Lashes - Temptress 9

Let’s Go Lashes: £8.95 per strip
These lashes are 100% human hair and come in 40 different styles. I don’t often use false lashes, it has to be a real special occasion for me to warrant it, as my lashes are fairly long anyway and mascara normally thickens them enough for my liking. I like that these lashes come with their own glue in the box, meaning if you were going away you could just pop these in your makeup bag and you would be good to go if you wanted to wear some.

Glossy Box Mirror

A Glossy Box mirror
This was the thing that most excited me about my box. I have been wanting a slimline mirror for my bag for quite a while and I love the design of this. It is slim and classic and looks really pretty with the Glossy Box logo on it. The mirrors inside have different magnification strengths which makes it even more versatile and useful.

Glossy Box Balloon

A pink Glossy Box Birthday Balloon
I thought this was a nice touch to add into the box and my two little beauties went mad for this when they saw it. My eldest insisted on singing ‘Happy Birthday Dear Glossy Box’ when I explained who’s birthday it was. Although it obviously didn’t last too long, a couple of days and they managed to pop it, this created mega joy in the Briar Rose house so thank you Glossy Box!

Overall this month was a bit of a mixed bag, there are some products that I absolutely love and some that I am more ambivalent towards. However I kind of think that this is the point of a Glossy Box, to try out new things without spending a fortune to find out what you like.

Do you get the Glossy Box? If yes what do you think of yours this month?

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